The Crystal Rock Star Manual

How to shine in dark times with crystals and vibrant food

If you love crystals, delicious healthy food
and want to shine brighter than ever before, this manual is for you!

We live in strange times. It’s easy to get discouraged.
To get sucked in the drama of it all.
Easy to have all the negativity lower your frequency and bring you down.

When now, more then ever, we need to SHINE and radiate our LIGHT!
You need it.
Your family and friends need it.
Your work needs it.
The world needs it!

This Manual is for you if:

You want to take your crystal work to the next level

You want to work with crystals in a practical, fun and effective way.

You need a positive energy boost

You want to uplift yourself and everybody around you

You want to rock your light

You want to boost your intuition

You love healthy, vibrant food

You want to meet or improve your connection to your spirit guide(s)

You want to learn how to set healthy energetic boundaries

You want to take your power back and stop living in fear

You want to meet and connect with like minded crystal rock stars

Meet your Crystal Rock Star Instructor

I am Daniëlle, a Certified Pro Crystal Healer and Tarot Coach. Before being called to do healing work I was a Wellness Chef on yoga retreats in Ibiza and Bali. In this manual I am coming full circle, marrying my love for vibrant, healthy food with my knowledge and love of chakra’s and crystals.

During all the changes we’ve been through in the past year I’ve been able to not just shine, but to thrive. As a Crystal Healer, who works with people for a living, in these times of social distancing and lockdowns I could have lost everything I’d worked for. Instead my physical, mental and spiritual health are in better shape than ever. I feel optimistic and grateful. My creativity and inspiration are soaring. I have attracted many amazing dream clients in my (Distant) healing practice and my business is thriving. People keep telling me that I radiate and shine.

I could have never done it without a strong daily spiritual practice and the healthy habits that I’ve adopted over many years. Working with crystals, eating vibrant life giving foods and practicing yoga and meditation form the corner stones of my CRYSTAL ROCK STAR LIFESTYLE.


Because when you do, you will be able to help others do so as well. Together we can help raise the frequency of this planet and make a real change. As all the wise sages of the world have taught us true transformation starts within. In this manual I will share practical, fun tools that can help you kickstart that inner change.
For most spirituality is a serious affair. Something that costs a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice. A whole lot of emphasis is placed on what NOT to do, what NOT to eat, what NOT to say or think.


In this manual we will feed both our physical as well as our energetic bodies, making the connection between heaven and earth stronger within us. This way we can be better instruments of light for the Divine to shine and work through us.
I will not only share my own wisdom but also that of other teachers who have helped me along my personal path. Expect to experience Master Classes on subjects like Ayurveda, Chakra Yoga and an exclusively designed Quantum Hypnosis Session to meet your spirit guide.

This 22 day manual
will teach you how to:

Really work with crystals on a practical, daily basis. I’ll go beyond the basics and include some of my best pro tips!

Care for your crystals and keep their frequency vibrant.

Raise your frequency through beautiful crystal rituals.

Balance your chakra’s with crystal energy and vibrant vegetarian food.

Protect your energy from energy vampires.

Prepare delicious, colourful, chakra activating dishes. I’ll teach you how to make Yoga retreat and Insta-reel worthy food that is much easier to make than it looks.

Connect with your higher self and follow her guidance.

Improve your intuition and develop your intuitive abilities.

Over the 22 days you will experience:

LIVE INSTA Crystal Classes by me

LIVE INSTA Chakra Cooking classes by me

3 exclusive Master Classes with guest teachers on Ayurveda, Chakra Yoga and Quantum Hypnosis Healing

3 High Frequency Crystal rituals to activate and boost your energetic body

3 Live Tarot and Tea Sessions

Chakra Food Recipes and menus for lots of kitchen inspiration

Access to 7 pre-recorded Crystal Chakra Meditations

Access to our private Instagram account to follow the daily Lives

Access to our online Manual hub with daily notes and recipes

Support from and sharing with fellow Crystal Rock stars

The Crystal Rock Star Manual will be divided
in 3 themed weeks.

Week 1: Your body, your temple

Week 2: Your mind, your medicine

Week 3: Your spirit, your guide

Weekly layout:

  • Mondays and Thursdays: Crystal Classes
  • Tuesdays and Fridays: Chakra Cooking Classes
  • Wednesdays: Master Class with Guest Teacher
  • Saturdays: Tarot and Tea sessions
  • Sundays: Crystal Rituals

Week 1: Your body, your temple

Week 2: Your mind, your medicine

Week 3: Your spirit, your guide

Weekly layout:

  • Mondays and Thursdays: Crystal Classes
  • Tuesdays and Fridays: Chakra Cooking Classes
  • Wednesdays: Master Class with Guest Teacher
  • Saturdays: Tarot and Tea sessions
  • Sundays: Crystal Rituals

Meet your Rock star Master Class guest teachers

Amber Jagers
The Ayurvedic Lifestyle coach

Amber is a vibrant, joy filled soul, a thoughtful and thorough teacher. She also is mother to 7 months old baby Noa, an entrepeneur and travel lover fascinated by why people do what they do. She will teach our Ayurveda Master Class.

“No one is you, and that is your power. In everything I do I focus on the individual. From an Ayurvedic perspective the unique combination of the 5 natural elements make you all that you are. To live fully we need to get in touch with that unique self, know it and empower it. Through coaching, Ayurveda and Yoga practices I guide you to gain more self-knowledge and create a life(style) that empowers you to live a vital and full life.”

Kuda Nemane
The Conscious Movement Master

Kuda is a relaxed, super popular massage therapist, conscious movement master and crystal lover. Apart from making beautiful crystal jewelry, he also uses crystals in his energy work with clients. He will teach our Chakra Crystal Yoga Class.

“At the age of 18 I was introduced to the world of movement, breath and energy through mastering yoga and martial arts. As my sensitivity to energy grew, crystals became a big support in my personal metaphysical awakening. I now combine physical movement with crystal work to activate my clients’s energy bodies and speed up their healing and awakening processes.”

Sandra Akkermans
The Hypnosis Therapist

Sandra is the kindest, most patient person you will ever meet. She too has seen her hypnosis practice explode these past few years. She’s taking time out of her very busy schedule to guide us through a deep guided hypnosis session to meet our spirit guide(s).

“In my work I help my clients safely travel extra dimensionally to resolve and heal issues that keep them stuck in life. Among other tools I use the Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique developed by Dolores Cannon to guide you to one or more former lives and to help you connect with your higher self for spiritual guidance. A hypnosis session feels like a very deep guided meditation and I make sure your journey is as comfortable and insightful as possible.”

Manual details

This online Manual runs from Sunday May 9th till Sunday May 30th.

All classes will be taught in English from our private Instagram account.

You will need an Instagram account to follow the classes.

Live classes will take place from:
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekdays. (10 am LA time, 1 pm New York time).
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on Weekends. (3 am LA time, 7 am NY time).

Live classes will be saved on our private Instagram account for those who can’t attend live.

On Saturday May 8th I will host a LIVE CRYSTAL SALE on instagram selling crystals that you will need during the 22 days.

Registration is now closed.

After the 22 days you will have 1 month additional access to all Manual resources.

My promise to you


It is my intension to uplift and inspire you with this Manual. I want you to SHINE and encourage everyone you meet to shine right along with you.
Please invite all your Crystal besties to go on this crystal journey with you.

Let’s have some FUN while we simultaneously work on our SPIRITUAL GROWTH and inspire others to do the same.