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Crystal healing & coaching for healers & lightworkers.

Because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Sweet, beautiful Healer & Lightworker,

I’m so happy you’ve found your way to me! I’ve been expecting you. There is no better place for you to recharge and gain clarity on your next steps as a healer. I’m your colleague, friend and business Soul Sister.

I know how hard you work to be the best healer possible. The late nights spend studying to perfect your craft, the early morning meditations and years of inner work. I know that deep desire to help, to be of service and make the world a better place. You just want to do the best you can.

Following your calling to be a professional healer is a beautiful thing, but not always easy. Certainly not creating a succesful and sustainable business from it. One that provides for you and family, where you work with your dream clients impacting their lives in meaningful ways. A balanced healing business, where you don’t overwork yourself to the point of burn out and have plenty of time for a happy private life. A business in which you are super clear about your next steps and create abundance with ease.

You know you could impact many more people than you are reaching right now. But how? As it is you are too often dog tired, over worked and exhausted from trying to balance all the many demands on your plate. If you are still working your day job you dream of quitting and fully committing to your healing practice. But you can’t yet. You just don’t have enough clients and it just feels so frustrating!

For many years I was standing in your shoes, but I am here to tell you  that that business success you crave is possible. It is within reach for you too!

To reach it you don’t have to work even harder, or get yet another certification, or do another Ayuasca ceremony.

The secret to a thriving healing business is closer than you think. In fact it has been staring you in the face and all you have to do is stand in front of a mirror to see. Everything you want is already here. If I can do it, so can you. Let me show you how.

How can I help you?

My SUPER POWER is helping you get CLEAR about your best next steps in your life and business. Let me tell you that CLARITY is more important than certifications, marketing, social media and ads. Sure, those are important too at some point. But without clarity you’ll remain clueless as to where you’re headed. And that, my dear, is oh so tiring and unproductive!

Your second biggest tool for creating a thriving healing business is your FREQUENTY. Being a certificied Pro Crystal Healer I’ve found the quickest, most effective hack to rapidly upgrade your energy. Want to know what it is? Drum roll please…


Deep Aura Cleanse

The Business Boost

I have worked with crystals for years to build a thriving healing business and know a thing or two on how to use them to keep your energy clean and powerful, boost your business confidence and accelerate the expansion of your intuitive abilities. In fact they’ll assist you in getting crystal clear on your best next steps to create the succes you crave.

I invite you to explore my website and find out more about how I can help you create giant leaps in your healing business.


I’m super excited to work with you, either online or in person, and show you how it’s done.

Your Energy Guide to a thriving healing business

15 years experience as a Tarot Coach, 7 years Certified Pro Crystal Healer, 3 succesful online Crystal Healing programs, a 2 month waiting list for years, plus hundreds of raving private clients and brands. The likes of Dutch Elle Magazine, Dior, Vintage by Danie Bless, Pip Design Studio, Bibi van der Velden and Amsterdam Dance Event. Sounds great, right?

But also thousands of euro’s wasted on unnecessary training courses, marketing guru’s and failed programs. Add to that countless sleepless nights brooding on how to create the succes I so craved. Yep! that’s also me!

For years my biggest wish was just to be a succesful healer. After many big highs and deep lows I managed to quadruple my yearly income as a healer during the biggest pandemic mankind has ever endured. After years of trying I could finally proudly say “I did it!”

I didn’t experience all those mistakes and great successes over the years for nothing and so today I gladly share my expertise on what it takes to build a thriving healing business with you. I’m happy to serve you with the same passion you serve your clients. After all, that’s why I chose to be a healer in the first place right?

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