She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said: ’’Not being allowed to be sensitive.” This was her answer to my question on what had hurt her the most growing up. As soon as she spoke the words I saw her mask come off. Her “I am an independent, strong and succesful woman”-mask. Her “I am a perfectionist and want to get things right”-mask. Her “Don’t try to corner me because I am always ready to attack”- mask.

And just like that, simply be speaking and honoring her truth, she reconnected with her soul. The rest of our sessions together she experienced deep and touching support from her higher self. The fog and indecisiveness around her next steps in life, that she felt when we met, started to lift. And I saw her becoming more and more of herself right before my eyes.

So many of us modern day women struggle. We struggle with getting it right. Whatever that might mean…. We struggle to be strong but not agressive. To be direct but not cold. To be independent but not isolated. Soft but not weak. And most importantly, we struggle to be sensitive but not taken advantage of.

I know, because I too am one of those women. And I consider myself lucky to have clients who mirror my own healing progress and process back to me. And that I can emphathise with them because on a deep level I recognise myself in them. If you want to feel WHOLE embracing your sensitivity is part of the deal. Or as a dear friend of mine puts it: “Softness should be your SUPER POWER!”

Here is a basic crystal chakra lay-out I recommend for highly sensitive women. I am meeting more and more of you in my practice and have developed several special crystal recipes to help you too to accept your sensitive side, find balance in it and to make it your best friend instead of your enemy. I also teach many of you how to use crystals to protect your energy from energy vampires and lower vibrational people who suck the life out of you.

Crystal Chakra Lay out for highly sensitive women

Root: Smokey Quartz for stress release and grounding

Sacral: Chrysocolla for Divine feminine guidance

Solar Plexus: Jet to protect yourself from energy vampires

Heart: Green Aventurine to remind yourself that you deserve  to love yourself first

Throat: Blue Kyanite to speak up for yourself

3rd eye: Amethyst to hear and follow your intuition

Crown: Scolecite for peace and harmony

If you’d like to learn how crystals can help you better manage high sensitivity, I’d love to meet you. So please, do reach out.