Exclusive Private Crystal Sale just for you and your friends

Online or in my cosy Crystal filled Home in Amsterdam

Never miss out on your dream crystal again by booking your own private Crystal Shopping Extravaganza with me.
After the tremendous succes of my Instagram Crystal Sales for Lightworkers, I am now offering exclusive private Crystal Sales just for you and a small group of friends.

What to expect?

Expect the highest grade, high Frequency crystals that have been ethically sourced in prime locations all over the world, such as Brazil, South Africa or Madagaskar. I only buy crystals I would work with myself. As a professional Crystal Healer I am very ,very picky with my crystals. So you’ll get the best of the best, both FREQUENCY and LOOKS WISE.
What makes my sales extra special is the crystal blessing at the start of each sale. I cleanse and bless the crystals live, so you are guarenteed to receive the most high vibing, positively charged crystals. During my crystal Sales I also share tons of information on how to work with the crystals and how I personally use them in healing work. Plus you get to ask me your questions.

This makes your sale a delightful combination of an inspiring crystal workshop by a Pro and the most fun, personal crystal shopping spree ever.

How does a private Crystal sale work?

Gather between 4 to 10 of your most crystal adoring mates

Set a date with me by emailing me

Send me the names and emails of everyone who will participate so I can send you a Zoom link, or my address details, a few days before your event

Your party can all stay in your pyjama’s if you want to, by booking an online Zoom Sale. Or you can bring your group to my cozy home for an in person sale. I don’t do Crystal Sales on Locations.

After the sale I gather all who attended their contact information and send out the invoices, which I request to be paid within 24 hours.

If the sale takes place in my home, payment can also be done in cash or via pin

As soon as I’ve received your payments I will lovingly wrap your crystal babies and post your packages. Either to one central address (this will save you a lot of postage costs) or to each participant’s individual home address. The choice is yours.

– As an extra bonus after the sale you’ll have free access to my mini online class on how to clean and prepare your crystals.

What costs are involved, apart from the crystal prices?

Your group pays a basic organisation fee of €111 for a 90 minutes sale. If your total purchase amount lies above €500 I will not charge you for my time, and you won’t have to pay the €111.

I will send out the crystal packages for additional postage costs. Within the Netherlands this is usually between €4,50 and €6,75.

Your group can greatly save on postage costs if I send all crystals to one address, and everyone who attended picks their personal package up at that central location. But sending the packages to each individual address is not a problem for me either. Your choice.

I can inform you about postage costs outside of the Netherlands when I have information on which country the crystals need to be send out to.

I and my beautiful crystals are waiting for you!