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33 day miracle manifestation ritual

A super powerful ritual to become the miracle you’ve been praying for and attract your heart’s desire





November is Miracle Manifestation Month
A super powerful 33 days online program and Manifestation Ritual to become the miracle you’ve been praying for and attract your heart’s desires in 2023

October 30th till December 1st 2022

Who is this program for?

For lightworkers who have a (big) dream, but struggle to keep the energy around it stable and clear.

For lightworkers who want to find a new path, but miss clarity around what that path should be.

For lightworkers who feel like they’ve lost their way, and want to reconnect with their intuition and inner guidance.

The real “secret” to manifestation

Let me tell you a secret about manifesting. Do you know why the things you really, really want take so long to manifest, or never even seem to become a reality?


Yes, you heard me! The most important reason why your deepest heart’s desires are not materializing is because your energy around them keeps changing.

The energy of lightworkers is so powerful we have the potential for “instant manifestation”. Super cool, right?. But the big disadvantage to such strong energy is that if our energy is not stable and focused, what we want moves further and further away from our 3D reality.

Do you recognize this? You wake up one morning full of passion and certainty that you will get what you want, and you just live as if it’s already here. That great new job, your amazing soul mate, that dream house or succesfull business. Only to start doubting the next day, being sad that it “still” hasn’t come and screaming to the  Universe:“Universe, you know what. Just do whatever you want! I give up!”

I don’t have to tell you that whatever you want to attract you do it through your energy. You already know this. Unfortunately the same is true for whatever you DON’T want to attract too.

If your energy constantly keeps zigzagging between “yes”, “maybe”, “no”, “okay, I guess, yes”, “I’m begging you,” “never mind” and “asap”, the Universe can’t deliver your order to you. It’s like ordering a package online and after changing the delivery address with the delivery company every hour. Your order will never arrive this way!

But how do you:

Get crystal clear about what it is you truly want

Develop unshakeble certainty that you will receive it

Get your energy so stable that what you want can be delivered to you in the most simple and direct way possible.

Cultivate patience and joy and live as if you already have what you desire, instead of waiting for it with frustration and resentment. 

That, my dear, you will achieve by following my powerful 33-day Miracle Manifestation ritual!

The ritual that will get you crystal clarity about what it is you really want and why you want it

The ritual that will keep you vibing high, even when you don’t see direct results

The ritual that keeps you in alignment with your heart’s desire

The ritual that will help you consciously choose what it is you want on a day to day basis

The ritual that focuses on the most powerful energy field you have; your heart.

The ritual that will bring you the peace, certainty and conviction that you already are the miracle you are looking for

The ritual that is practical, beautiful and powerful

The ritual that can change your life in  a mere 33 days, just like it did mine

Awhile back I found myself at a crossroads. I needed to make an important decision on a new direction I wanted to take my healing business in. For months I kept going back and forth in my mind about it. My mind wouldn’t let go and wanted to control every single detail of this upcoming change, to the point of driving myself to absolute MADNESS.

Things changed when, during a crystal channeling session, I was instructed to create a 33 day ritual for myself. A ritual that would bring me the clarity and confidence I had been longing for. I did what was requested of me and 33 days later my life had changed for good. Without constant doubting, without forcing things with my willpower and without struggle.

In this beautiful program I will share the exact process of these powerful 33 days with you.
You will undergo my powerful CRYSTAL ROSE RITUAL for 33 days yourself and I will support you through it all with 6 mega potent manifestation masterclasses.

The program

33-day Crystal Rose Ritual

October 30th – December 1st 2022

Daily morning ritual consisting of a heart opening yoga sequence, drinking sacred rose tea, a crystal rose meditation and journaling.

Masterclass 1

October 30th 11 am CET
Opening ceremony (live)

The thorns: Discover your “Soul Wound” and heal your inner child.

Masterclass 2

November 6th 4 pm CET

The roots: Discover your “Sacred Why” and connect with your Ancestors.

Masterclass 3

November 13th 4 pm CET

The rose: Create from your “Inner Rose Queen”.

Masterclass 4

November 20th 4 pm CET

The sun: Make a practical plan and go for it!

Masterclass 5

November 27th 4 pm CET

The rose garden: Integration and “embodiment”.

The Closing Ceremony + Q & A

December 1st 4 pm CET

The Closing Ceremony + Q & A (live)

Frequently Asked Questions


October 30th – December 1st 2022


See program content above

What time?

Ritual daily at your chosen time in the morning.

Video Masterclasses available on 5 Sundays at 11:00 am. Plus one Wednesday at 4 pm CET.

How does it work?
  • Every Sunday you will receive an email with a personal link to access the masterclass of the week, either live or via the replay.
  • Set aside one hour in the morning daily to do the ritual. Plus 20 minutes at night to write in your gratitude journal.
What do I need for the ritual?
  • A yoga mat, votive candle, fresh rose, dried rose petal tea (available at well stocked organic stores), pretty notebook (all these materials are included in my Miracle Manifestation Ritual box).
  • To make the ritual even more powerful I recommend you work with a few crystals. If you have a Miracle Manifestation Ritual box you will find all crystals included. A Pink Lemurian or Rose Quartz, a Snowflake Obsidian, a Smoky Quartz, an Amethyst and a Pyrite. The crystals are optional, but will make your ritual extra potent. I’ll explain in the masterclasses how to use them.
  • On Sunday October 23rd at 11:00 am CET I will do a Crystal Live Sale via Instagram where I will sell all the crystals you’ll need for the ritual.
Why 33 days?

For a few reasons. First of all that’s how it was channeled for me, I assume because you need at least 30 days to learn a new habit. Secondly 33 is the age Jezus died and in many spiritual traditions considered a holy number. And finally, 3 +3 together makes 6, the Divine number of love.

Can I miss a day?

No, you cannot. It’s important that the 33 days be consecutive. If you are not able to perform the ritual at the exact same time each morning it’s okay to change the time on some days. But 33 consecutive days is a “non negotiable”.

Why are we doing this a group?

Because our combined energies make the ritual even more powerful.

Can I continue with the ritual for more than 33 days?

At the end of the 33 days I’ll explain how you can incorporate this ritual in your daily life if you want to keep working with it.

Do I need to be present live for the masterclasses?

No, that is not necessary. The first and last masterclass will be live; you will receive a replay link for them later on the Sunday in question. The other 3 classes are pre- recorded.  On Sunday mornings you will receive a link per mail either to the live class or the replay.

In each masterclass I will go through the themes for the upcoming week. So I do advise you to watch the class somewhere on Sunday. 

How long will I have access to the masterclasses?

You’ll keep access to all masterclasses for 6 months after the last class airs.

How much is my investment?

Trust me when I say this information is truly priceless. Since this is the first time I am sharing my ritual with the world I am gifting you with a nice opening discount.

Early Bird discount

Early birds pay € 333 instead of € 599 till October 24th 2022.

After that you pay € 449 instead of € 599 till the latest on October 29nd.

This program will be delivered in English!